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Renowned and envied down the centuries for their intricate and ornamental nature and above all the multiplicity in colour has made the Indian carpet a member and a part of the families all over the world. As this craft was handed down verbally with in a family much was lost in transferring this art due to communication gap. So Many people have taken up the task of finding those missing links and lot of research is being carried on the subject. So many organisations have come up and so many city centres have mushroomed in this regard. But not many could sustain the testing times.

Why Choose Saraf Carpets?

Shopping for a Carpet should be an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. However, at Saraf Carpets we ensure that our customers are educated about carpets prior to buying. We are synonymous with honesty, integrity and reliability. We only sell beautiful carpets and never our ethics.

We only sell Beautiful Carpets and Never our Ethics.

Largest Inventory Best Rugs


Every rug is hand-picked by eye for beauty and touch for quality workmanship. We have the largest inventory of exclusive handmade carpets in Silk, Persian, Woolen & Modern designs.

Provide Carpet Education


Saraf Carpets believes in educating its clients by providing in-depth carpet knowledge and the nuances of the art of carpet weaving.

Custom Order


We also undertake small and bulk quantities for custom order according to a client’s specific requirement and provide stellar results.

Shipping Worldwide


We ship worldwide through our reliable logistic partners, FedEx and UPS. We guarantee prompt delivery and all goods are 100% insured.